DISCOURSES OF ETHICS. Issue 3(19) 2023

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Ethical and Social Grounds for Choosing Visual Criteria for Slow Architecture
Nikolaeva Zhanna
Pages: 11-28
PDF in Russian (with the abstract in English)


Liberalism, Paternalism, and Autonomy
Morozov Konstantin
Pages: 31-52
PDF in Russian (with the abstract in English)

Paradoxes of Digital Identity: Ethical Implications
Bolshakova Anastasia
Pages: 53-72
PDF in Russian (with the abstract in English)


«The Theory of Value and Its Place in the History of Ethics» (1901) by C.G. Shaw. Paper Review
Dorogostaiskii Victor
Pages: 75-80
PDF (in English)

«Theoretical and Applied Ethics: Traditions and Prospects — 2023»
Review of the 15th International Conference
Perov Vadim, Larionov Igor, Glebova Sofia, Zhadunova Natalia, Karpov Gleb, Koval Ekaterina, Ovchinnikova Elena, Stavtseva Olga, Sychev Andrey, Chumakova Tatiana
Pages: 81-100
PDF (in Russian)